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    Welcome to Blue O2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    The world premiere from

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    Welcome to Blue O2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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    New - Blue O2 4000
    Sitting chamber

    Handicapped accessible with wheelchair access

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    Welcome to Blue O2

    The world premiereBlue O2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
    the energy provider for body

    Blue O2 the modern addition to wellness area,
    medical practice and sport facilities ( legal Doping )

We are blueO2.eu


More ENERGY and WELL-BEING. Gain body strenght with each breath. Recommended for sport and muscular pain ( legal Doping )

We are blueO2.eu

Treatment goals:

• General improvement of blood supply

• Improved healing of poorly-healing wounds

• Support in case of inflammatory bowel diseases

• Improved bone healing

• Support after mild stroke

• Treatment of acute tinnitus

• Support in case of inflammations

• Supporting therapy of migraine

• Therapy in case of individual conditions due to oxygen deficiency and circulatory disorders


We are blueO2.eu

Treatment duration:

60-90 minutes. Noticeable positive effect from the first session

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Tel.:+43 676 76 16 930


Treatment duration:

60 - 90 minutes.

Noticeable positive effect from the first session. Costs for customers depending on complexity of care (doctor or support staff)

120 € - 200 € / Session

Questions about therapy?

Our doctor and supervisor are available for your assistance. Call-back service.

E-Mail: Info@blueO2.eu

What is Blue O2 ?

The Blue O2 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an entirely new, scientifically recognised therapy with increased efficiency.

Purchase costs/ Installation / Training

Blue O2 Complete set

12 900 € +20% VAT

Installation / Training

490 € / net

Delivery time: Approx. 8 days after order confirmation


Blue O2 - 4000 Seating chamber complete set

15 200 € +20% VAT

Installation / Training

490 € / net

Option air conditioner 1 000 € net

Delivery time on request


Incentive for customers

  • Scientificaly proved positive effects
  • Blue O2 relieves symptoms caused by oxygen deficiency
  • Blue O2 supports healing processes with numerous everyday health problems

Incentive for Blue O2 Partners from wellness field, medical practise and sports facilities

  • Modern uniqe additional offer
  • Scientificaly proved positive effects
  • Unbeatable price-/best price-performance ratio and superior quality
  • Competent 24/7 customer support
  • Customer mediation via Homepage, Advertising and PR

Blue O2, the completely new alternative therapy will guarantee our partners

  • New delighted and loyal customers
  • High recommendation rate and positive social media content
  • High media attention through sensational successes
  • Rapid economic amortization
  • Good booking performance / utilization
  • The best possible support for mutual success


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ?

Blue O2 oxygen therapy ?

BlueO2 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered a completely new type of therapy offered for performance enhancement. The treatment takes place in the purpose-built mobile Blue O2 pressure chambers. The supplied compressor produces precisely the necessary overpressure while the oxygen concentrator enriches the atmosphere inside the chamber with additional oxygen. The safe and yet simple handling allows Blue O2 to be operationally reliable in minutes. (similar to IR cabins) An information form educates the customer about the the mode of action as well as any possible rare side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Blue O2 is safe and reliable in operation. Blue O2 needs little more than 5m² of space, low maintanance and service costs.

How does Blue O2 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy work ?

Under encreased air pressure, gases, like oxygen, can be disolved in higher quantites in liquid , like blood, than under normal conditions. With the BlueO2 therapy, the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the blood can be increased. Based on this the total oxygen content in the blood can be increased by up to 30%. This results in the positive effects.

Blue O2 Oxygen pressure chamber


Support 24*7

1 year Warranty for all parts if handled appropiately

In case of a manufacturing defect, we provide a replacement device for the duration of the repair

Take the first step and arrange for non-committal consultation or demo appointment. Our Blue O2 truck is on its way for you +43 676 76 16 930


  • • Franz Seba. Owner and developer of Blue O2
  • • Univ.Prof. Dr. Felix Stockenhuber., internist, sports physician, medical administrator of Blue O2.
  • • Matic Rade. Sales director und technical manager.
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